Bell on Mississippi Family Law

Bell on Mississippi Family Law (Third Edition) is a revised, updated and expanded 900-page treatise on Mississippi Family Law.


  • Two new cases dealing with rights of cohabitants;
  • The first reported reimbursement alimony case since 1999 – providing additional recovery for a spouse who puts the other through school;
  • Two significant changes that alter the finality of adoptions;
  • Changes in grandparent visitation rights;
  • New legislation on how to determine support requirements for low-income payors and incarcerated persons;
  • A surprising development regarding appointment of mandatory guardians ad litem;
  • Requirements for enforcing foreign divorces and property division judgments;
  • New guidance on when temporary custody orders are converted to permanent by the passage of time; and
  • A supreme court decision extending the possibility of visitation rights to nonparents other than grandparents and legal fathers.

Hardcover • 7” x 10” • 960 pages • $210 (plus applicable sales tax)